This thing called Life on Mental health

Everyone battling with their own difficulties, the narrative of ‘people are going through a lot, please check on people ‘was a farfetched approach. Everyone was more focused on being there for themselves before they would even try to be there for others, a time where you wouldn’t expect people to be there for your own subjective problems as people also had their own problems demanding their attention, a time where everyone had to master emotional Independence

Life is an adventure to be enjoyed not a problem to be solved. Life is constantly happening, we can’t do anything to stop it, all we can do is accept the changes as they come, acceptance does not mean what is currently happening is okay and it’s right but rather acknowledging that it’s the state of reality.

Politics -Not stressing about the politics of this world doesn’t mean you are agreeing with their decisions, just a matter of acknowledging everything and moving in the current motion

Economy-, Being fully aware of the unpleasant economical state that we are in, experiencing this continuous rise in the cost of living and not whining, but rather finding new ways to survive and thrive is personal mastery

Climate -Not having to mourn about the cold breeze but waking up and rocking a warmer outfit can only be the mastery of understanding what you can control and what you have no control on

Searching for only a happy and positive life is striving for that which is unavailable in this world and trying to avoid that which is unavoidable , negativity.

Positive and negative experiences help you grow. Believing that you will always be happy and only good things will happen to you is a fantasy, unlearn the myth and ride on with the truth

Positive feedback and negative feedback help you grow. Believing that only good words will be said to you and only good treatment will take place would also be another way of living in a fantasy.

Mountain tops will stimulate a good self-esteem and Rock bottom will forcefully prompt self-worth. Self-worth- how you rise from pressure and come out of seasons as a better person

Also Good words help revive your good self-esteem whilst critic helps increase your self-worth .That is the true definition of life ,the duality of support and challenge ,the duality of positivity and negativity.

Stress is only the inability to adapt to a changing environment and failure to embrace seasons of life.

You can only create the inner work, as for the outer results, they are only granted by the outer world, you can only have faith that your inner work will be granted, but absolutely no control , just faith .Hustle as much as you can or going the extra mile to seek your ideal job, it’s not entirely up to you but the for the outer world to make it happen. acknowledge that reality

“This is my current situation, although there is a place I’d rather desire to be,

I may not want my current reality to be my destiny or fate but this is where I am right now", The job that I’m serving or the type of business I’m running at the moment “’.

Do not get hung up on your views on how it should be -because you will miss out on learning the way things are. Depression, being here and wanting to be there. It's up to you to see the hidden benefit in every situation,” what can I take from this”? Ask yourself that

With all the evil and difficulties of this world, fill your mind with your desired Attitude towards the day and run with that approach always. “I’m winning the day regardless “. let it be the approach to tackle the year, the month and the day

Remember, Life is an adventure to be mounted and not a problem to be solved, ride on and continue to Ride on!!

Coach Kagiso -Author of Become Prosperity Book




Life Purpose Coach

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Coach Kagiso

Coach Kagiso

Life Purpose Coach

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